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Pick a card for the week of April 10-16, 2023

Card number 1: Fall Into My Arms

Are you fiercely hanging onto certain aspects of your life that are no longer serving you? This creates restless inner conflict and unease because your Higher Self knows it's time to move on from whatever is keeping you from the next best version of yourself. Feeling the contrast between the security of knowing and the uncertainty of the outcome is a part of spiritual growth. Spirit is reminding you that you are now ready to let go and trust that these changes will lead to something much better than your current situation. Let go and let God. Surrender it all. You are not alone. A team of spirit guides surrounds you that you can call on for support and guidance on your next inspired action step. Know that in taking these steps to detach, you will receive expanded cosmic awareness, deeper personal insights, and increased inner peace. Loosen your grip and give it all to Spirit. Tranquility is on the other side of acceptance.


Card number 2: Knight of Swords reversed

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This is a stormy time full of confusion. Watch out for others causing conflict and stirring up drama. Shield yourself and cleanse your energy and surroundings from any negativity. Perhaps you may be the one creating chaos. If so, remember this doesn't serve you and it will be returned in some way. This could also be a time when you are not feeling up to fighting for what's yours, standing up for yourself, or speaking your truth. Remember you are worth being treated with respect and dignity. You are loved. Set boundaries to protect your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. Communicating your needs is a form of self-love. Is there something you are not seeing clearly? Are you viewing it from tunnel vision? Gain clarity on the matter by allowing yourself to explore it from higher and broader perspectives. You can see through the clouds with a bird's eye view.

*** Silver and Black Obsidian crystals are great for these purposes and you can find some by clicking here and here.


Card number 3: Play

Shakespeare stated "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." What are you uptight about that's causing stress? Explore injecting some playfulness and light-heartedness into the matter. Let your hair down and you'll soon realize there truly is no purpose in being so serious. Allow the need for control to dissipate. Accepting life's ups and downs and riding the ebbs and flows just as they are without attachment or judgment will bring peace. Life will flow like a magic carpet ride. Sing loudly and dance freely. You will begin to notice in the game of life, that specific actors show up when you need them and situations start working in your favor. In this free-flowing space, you can tap into your creativity, intuition, and imagination. Have fun discovering and exploring your passions. Remember to celebrate your achievements, small and large, they are the same from Spirit's view. Adding playtime, whether it be biking, putting a puzzle together, gardening, or whatever brings you more joy, is a fun and important act of self-love. It connects you with your own inner child that is forever present within and waiting for you to ask what they need more of.

***Rose quartz provides spiritual insights on how to implement daily self-love activities and increase play, bringing more harmony and balance to your life. Get one here.


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