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Faith Falling

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Oracle card with 2 women falling in a beautiful void of magical colors

The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and artwork by Danielle Noel

Collective Reading 9/20/22 - 9/26/22

Some of you are being asked at this time to loosen your grip, let go of control, and fall into faith. We all must remember that we are not the only force creating our life. Yes, we have the ability to be powerful co-creators, yet our Creator is the One giving us all that we need and knows exactly what we need to thrive. When we forget this truth and cling to things that do not serve us and our Highest good, we block and resist life's natural flow. Continuing to stay in an unhappy unmendable relationship or at a miserable job, desperately attaching to that number in the bank account, or using our coping mechanisms as a crutch, stops everything right for us to flow into our life.

Are you micro-managing one part of your life or several? Those things we tightly clench, and what we micro-manage, are usually the catalyst for a deeper awakening once we release control. The ego attaches to the familiar unhealthy relationship, the substances and alcohol, the food, etc., for fear of that space being left open and vulnerable without the certainty of what's going to fill it. Fear of something worse filling the void or nothing at all keeps one attached to these destructive placeholders. Not detaching is the action that affirms to God that one conceitedly knows more than God, and also what's best for them. Faith grows when you step out into the uncertainty and are open to receiving the miracles God has for you. Fear has no place there. If something in your life is trying to fall away, let it. If you feel like you keep hitting a brick wall or running into dead ends, surrender whatever is creating the heaviness. The courage is within you to release the addiction of choice that is covering up the part of you that if left open, will be filled with the most transformative positive energies. True co-creation is not forced and cannot happen with you alone. So fall in faith and create the space for God and what is meant for you to enter. You will witness miracles.

by Brooke Rowe, RMT

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