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You Are Ready!

It is March 1, 2023, and Spring is right around the corner for us in the Northern Hemisphere. These messages are for you, however, no matter when you read them and no matter what season it is.

Just as Mother Earth is about to start a brand new cycle, so are you! This feels like a MAJOR cycle, an exciting timeline shift, a whole new life. One that you have been building the foundation for, for some time now. You are breaking out of your shell, taking with you all the realizations you reflected on this past season, however long that was for you, and blasting your light in new and astounding ways. Nothing can stop you now! Your relationship with yourself and the one with your Creator has been going through a fortification process where your trust has been becoming more solidified. You are more connected than ever before. The co-creative process is a dance between you and God, Source, Universe, or whatever name feels right for you. God knows all the hard work you've been putting in, the confidence you've been building, the security within you've been reinforcing, and the building blocks you've been assembling and reassembling. As you emerge from your wintry shell, embody your personal power and "knowing". Now is when the Universe takes the lead in the dance and gives you new opportunities for you to reap the benefits of all you've sewn. Have faith in the process and the new you. Make decisions from a place of tenacity. Your desired manifestations will seem to miraculously bloom into fruition. Your vision boards will magically come to life.

What a powerfully creative time this is. When we stop to witness creation all around us - plants beginning a new life cycle and birds singing their chipper songs, we can feel the buzzing of life force energy. Tap into that energy within you, that is your creative power. Be fearless while exploring and expressing it in new ways. Spread those wings as if nobody is watching. You are ready for this!

by Brooke Rowe

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