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Brooke is so lovely to work with. She is warm and intuitive. She was able to pick up on things quickly and provide me with clear guidance. She made me feel seen and helped me to heal on a level I was not anticipating. I highly recommend Brooke to anyone looking for guidance in their life.

                     - Christie


                 March 31, 2023

"Brooke was amazing with her tarot card reading. Each card related back to me so directly with something happening right now. She made me feel so comfortable and really explained each card to me. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!"

                               - Nicole

                        February 3, 2023

"My reading with this beautiful lady was on point and very interesting. She knew of things I have never talked about to anyone. She helped me learn to stay focused on who I am and what I am here to do within my life. I truly am grateful for her gift the universe has given her to be able to make a difference in others."

                                             - Angela

                                         April 17, 2021

 "I was totally at ease and felt Brooke's sweet spirit from our first meeting. I was given a "special place" to go whenever my mind goes to any dark place during her Reiki healing with me. Also many beautiful visions. It is clear she has a special healing gift and I'm so glad she's sharing it with others."

                                          - Deborah

                                      October 4, 2022

"I am so thankful I found Brooke as she is so spiritually gifted and I cannot put into words how much she helped me. It is amazing how our paths crossed and I will be in touch in the future for more healing time with her."

                                                  - Deb

                                         August 25, 2022

Last week I received my first ever Reiki session with Brooke and I am so glad I got this experience with her.

Ever since my session I find myself with a lot more energy, I have gotten the best sleep of my life, and I have been more aware of my thoughts and emotions.

The tranquil atmosphere she has created is also amazing. I love the dim lights, aromatherapy, warming eye masks, essential oils, everything! I felt very safe, comfortable, and relaxed in her presence.

Brooke has been there every step of the way and I cannot wait to go back for my next session. I highly recommend reaching out to her for your healing needs!


                              May 12, 2021

"I had the wonderful experience of being Brooke’s student and now I am Reiki 2 certified! The class was my first ever experience of working with Reiki and working with some amazing women! It honestly was quite magical! I really loved my class and would recommend anyone who is looking to start in reiki healing or wanting to learn more!"

                                                                             - Bella

                                                                        April 6, 2022

"Brooke always brightens the room with her welcoming smile and kind, accepting eyes. We’ve worked with each other for years now and I feel we have both grown from hours of conversation and sharing of life experiences. She is dedicated to her craft and expanding her knowledge base, endeavoring to learn and share as much as possible in the hopes of helping others."

                                                                   - Sofia

                                                        January 19, 2023

"I recently decided to book my first ever Reiki session, as well as, a Tarot/Oracle Reading and needless to say Brooke was absolutely amazing! Especially for my first experience.

Her kind and warm presence was so welcoming and allowed me to instantly feel comfortable in my environment which provided such a great experience. Brooke definitely helped me in so many ways and left me feeling relaxed, energized, and aware of many things!
Without a doubt I would highly recommend Brooke to EVERYBODY!! If I could give more stars I would. Will most definitely be booking again."

                                                                                                                - Jaycee

                                                                                                     April 2021


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