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Rock Formations on the Beach

The Journey

Brooke Rowe and the Pursuit of Peace, Love and Happiness. 

Hi! I'm Brooke, your guide on a transformative journey to self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Nestled in the vibrant city of Wilmington, NC, I wear multiple hats—as an author, Reiki Master Teacher, Consciousness Coach, and Tarot Reader. My personal self-healing journey spans over 10 years and is an ongoing quest that continually shapes my understanding of life's mysteries. Through immersive experiences in various healing and spiritual practices, I uncovered a profound path to self-discovery and self-love, revealing dimensions previously unseen. In 2018 I received the Usui Reiki Master Teacher attunement by Pat Vlach. In 2021 I attained certifications in Spiritual Counseling and Mediumship from Delphi University of Spiritual Studies. Today, I'm thrilled to share with you the magic of nontraditional methods that have illuminated my path to living a life of fulfillment, abundance, and well-being. At Healing Begins Within, my passion is to guide you on your enlightening journey through the use of transformative practices. Together, we'll explore unconventional yet holistic avenues, assisting you to become the deliberate co-creator of your desired life. Join me in unlocking the potential within; let's embark on a journey of self-illumination and purposeful living. Welcome to a space where healing truly begins within you.

Do you love to read true, raw personal stories that empower and inspire you? Then this is a must read... 

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