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Enjoy your freshly brewed loose-leaf tea with a stainless steel reusable tea ball infuser and a crystal charm dangling from your cup!  The tea infuser measures 2 inches in diameter with a 3-inch chain. A polished crystal charm measuring 1-2" in length is placed at the end of the chain and designed to hang over the edge of your cup so you can amplify your intentions for the day! 

Orange Topaz is perfect to use during the manifestation process! It instills trust in yourself and the universe so much that you will feel comfortable in whatever outcome arises in a situation. The orange topaz helps you in discovering the right path and will provide you with confidence and faith in all your endeavors. It encourages you to explore your creative side while also replacing negativity, doubt, and fear with positivity, confidence and courage.

Orange Topaz Crystal Tea Ball Infuser

$15.76 Regular Price
$12.61Sale Price
  • Made in USA

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