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Thick slice of Golden Healer Quartz cut and shaped into a moon then polished to a smooth finish! Decorate your home, office or sacred space with this lovely crescent healing moon. It's a great addition to your collection or is a perfect gift for that special person. 


GOLDEN HEALER: Also known as Hematoid Quartz, this is a powerful stone for healers and anyone ready to heal on multiple levels. This stone connects one to the golden rays of healing, clears blockages, and readies the body and mind for healing. Golden Healer Quartz is the name of Quartz that is colored by the iron oxide trapped inside the crystal. They vary in color from pale yellow to a deep rust color.  The yellow and brownish versions are known as Golden Healer Quartz. May contain natural cracks or fractures. 

Golden Healer Moon

  • Measures Approx. : 5.75" x 1.75" and 0.5" thick

    Made in Brazil

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