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Soul Whispers

Updated: Oct 16

Whale and Orca Elders from The Starseed Oracle Deck by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel

🌬️What is your soul whispering? My one-card pull for inspiration and guidance rings so true on many deep and different levels that all cascade into one flowing body of wisdom-- my soul. As a Spiritualist, Tarot/Oracle Card Reader, and Reiki Master, I know that in giving, I receive. Each time I give a reading or am the channel for Reiki energy to flow from me to another amazing being, I ask myself what messages am I to receive. It may take a while, and always requires deep contemplation, stillness in silence, and disconnecting from any external interference (i.e. others' thoughts and opinions), but eventually I hear my soul's whispers. It is my intention that through sharing insights from my personal reading you will receive a gift from your soul in return.

🐠It is said that whales can see right into your soul. If I am conscious enough, I can see the depths of my soul being played out in my beautiful relationship with my partner. Fears, doubts, hang-ups, and anything keeping me from who I truly am are visible when I look deep enough. When I detach from the avatar of my human body and the story my egoic mind is telling me and instead focus on my heart, what's revealed is the moral of the lesson my soul is teaching me through the interactions between us.

To give a little background about my current lesson- for the last several months, I have been diving deeper into my psyche and doing inner work around self-worth and how it correlates with my ability to sustain a frequency that attracts an abundant flow of money. I know how this process works, God has shown me time and time again through personal experiences how money energetically flows. However, currently, I am experiencing this co-creative process at a deeper level on the spiral of life. So recently I was triggered on a few separate occasions by my partner's words related to his concern about my means of income. Last year I decided to quit my full-time job in mental health and grow my Spiritual/Holistic Practice. It has been an ongoing process of getting accustomed to not having a paycheck, relying on myself, and trusting God that all needs will be met as long as I'm doing my part. I know that while working with the Spiritual World to manifest my desires into the Physical World, it's imperative I release control and have faith the Universe is conspiring behind the scenes to bring what I've asked for. My job is to be receptive and take the action steps I feel inspired to do. Having faith and taking inspired action are two key components.

🪞It's my belief that our external experiences are a reflection of what's going on internally. So through being triggered, I realized Jordan was mirroring back to me remnants of fear and doubt I have surrounding my creative ability to attract a steady flow of income that is in alignment with my soul's worth. Also, bits of the machine matrix I'm still deconditioning from were visible. Processing my trigger with him, I noticed the abundance surrounding me. I felt gratitude for my bills being paid and having a comfortable home filled with healthy nutritious food. I was reminded I have everything I need in this moment, and that being grateful for that abundance creates more abundance. My soul then whispered, "Lead by example and allow others to witness." Whoa, talking about self-trust and faith! Continuing to unpack, I thought about how the value of money in the 3D world is in constant flux and therefore has zero ability to define my worth. My worth comes from within, and viewing money as a spiritual energy, I determine its value in my life. I determine how to use it as a tool for aligned exchanges for growth and to positively impact others. Again my soul whispered- this time to surrender the fears and doubts so that I may rise to my next greatest level.

After this self-realization, I engaged in a calming and powerful Hawaiian prayer that I've used for years and I teach it in my Reiki classes. It's called Ho'oponopono and is used to heal your perception of something that's in your reality. It's a simple mantra you can use anytime when forgiveness of yourself or others is needed. Again, your external experiences are a result of something that first occurs in the mind. In this case, I wanted to heal my perception of my self-worth and forgive myself for the self-doubt I held surrounding my ability to create and manifest.

When you feel called to use this prayer, feel into these four lines as you repeat them many times until there's a shift in your state of being:

I'm Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

I Love You

💓After the low-frequency energy cleared and raised to a higher, better-feeling state, I felt gratitude for the opportunity for growth my partner had given me. I then received inspiration to pull a card, in which its messages are woven throughout this post. A radically confirming synchronicity is that one of the messages says to share my soul's song with potency. I've been receiving the inspiration intuitively for a while now to share online with others more about my personal experiences, I just haven't followed through. After pulling a card with that directive, I knew I had to take inspired action! Spirit was telling me to do my part. Now I'm going to appreciate this creation and trust.

What is your soul song that needs to be shared? Perhaps your soul is calling you to do something entirely different at the moment. What fears and doubts do you need to leave behind and have faith instead? Can you reflect on a triggering situation and see the opportunity for self-growth by healing the perception that initially created the situation? What are you holding onto that is requesting forgiveness?

May you take the time to be in stillness with this so that you may hear your soul's whispers.

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