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Healing Begins Within

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Explore Your True Inner Depth

Welcome to Healing Begins Within, where Brooke Rowe offers intuitive guidance to unlock your full potential through holistic healing and conscious living practices. True transformation begins from within and her services are tailored to suit your unique needs, whether that means engaging in energy work, spiritual readings, consciousness coaching, or a combination of each. All services are designed for those seeking greater joy, clarity, balance, and awareness. Working with Brooke, you'll learn to channel your inner energy and tap into your innate wisdom and strength with greater ease to live a more fulfilling life. This begins with a solid foundation of self-love, trust, and faith, and Brooke works with you to develop that foundation and overcome any blocks that may be holding you back. Book your session today and start your journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

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Both Reiki and Tarot/Oracle readings use energy to address the root causes of what is creating disharmony and imbalance in your life, just in different ways. Reiki is an energy healing modality that uses Universal Life Force Energy (Chi, Ki, Qi, Prana) channeled through a practitioner's palms to unblock, restore and balance the flow of energy throughout the body of the one receiving Reiki. The body's energetic system consisting of chakras, meridians, and aura is rejuvenated with the use of this non-invasive, non-manipulative hands-on technique. When energy is flowing at its optimal rate, the body has the ability to heal itself. This holistic practice increases your overall sense of well-being including mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Reiki is intended to be used as a complementary therapy alongside more traditional medical or psychological treatments and is not intended to replace those treatments.  
When using the Divination tools of the Tarot and Oracle, the energy of the person receiving a reading is transferred into the cards, leading the cards to then be selected through the process of synchronicity. The Tarot is a sacred mirror of your soul's journey and is used to connect to your own inner wisdom and gain Spiritual guidance. The Oracle is also a tool for self-reflection and offers similar insight as to the Tarot without the set structure and specific system the Tarot follows. Your future is fluid and is a result of the choices you make today.  Therefore it is a misconception that the Tarot or Oracle predicts your future or reveals your fortune. The interpretation of the cards will provide some answers that can guide you in making decisions and connecting you with your innermost truths that will lead to your ideal future.

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Reiki Healing

This gentle touch method takes into account the whole person and helps activate each client’s natural healing ability as well as restore their physical and emotional well-being. I incorporate several holistic methods in my Reiki treatments including sound, crystal and aroma therapies.

Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Reading

Gain a clearer perspective on different areas of your life and determine the best course of action for your highest good with the assistance of a card reading. My readings include Spiritual and manifestation guidance to help you on the path of co-creating the reality that is aligned with your Higher Self.

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“The essence of independence has been to think and act according to standards from within, not without: to follow one's own path, not that of the crowd.”

Nicholas Tharcher

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