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Guidance Package


3 Months

Live Empowered!

The Guidance Package offers a streamlined version of the Empowerment Package, providing focused support for your personal growth and self-discovery. This package is ideal for those seeking meaningful insights and guidance without the full depth of the Empowerment Package.

📆This is a 3 month commitment including 6 bi-weekly 90-minute sessions (in person or virtual).📆

Key Features:

  • Personal Insights: Gain valuable self-awareness by exploring your choice of 2 of these energetic and psychological concepts as they relate to you specifically:

    • Human Design

    • Astrology

    • Enneagram

    • Numerology

  • Focused Support: Receive guidance on identifying negative core beliefs and reprogramming positive ones. Receive support in integrating new behavior patterns that will improve the relationships you have with yourself and others.

  • Healing and Guidance: Choose an inner child healing OR shadow work session to explore your inner world even deeper. Benefit from a Reiki session and spiritual reading to support your transformative journey.

  • Customized Sessions: Each session is tailored to your specific needs, offering a structured approach to ensure effective outcomes.

The Guidance Package is perfect for those who want essential tools and support to navigate their personal development journey with clarity and confidence.


$630 + processing fees 

Enjoy 5% off when paid in full or pay $210 for 3 months

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